Here are a few FAQs from a Las Vegas insider that will help you make the most of your trip and get the best value for your dollars, the next time you plan your vacation to Fabulous Las Vegas.


· Get some rest. Get a few good nights of sleep before heading into a city that could have you up for days.
· Have a game plan. Plan a few activities before you arrive so as not to become overwhelmed. That way, you get to enjoying what you originally set out to do.
· Have a budget. So many times people end up spending too much and have regrets when they head back to the airport having spent too much. Don’t fall into this trap. We at City VIP Concierge can help you determine and create a realistic budget    for yourself and your group. Please feel free to contact us at  agent@cityvipconcierge.com to get quotes
· Eat healthy and stay hydrated. Las Vegas has a hot and dry climate and your body may not be acclimated to the dry desert heat, which can take a lot out of you.
· Don’t drink too much on the plane. You will have plenty of time for cocktails and if you come in too hot you’re sure to fizzle out fast.
· Plan what to wear. Pack a variety of clothing, shoes etc. including swimwear, dinner and nightclub attire to keep with the dress codes at the various restaurants and other establishments. Bring as many cloths from home as possible since shopping    for clothing on The Vegas Strip may be more pricey than shopping back at home.
· Bring your favorite sunscreen. If you have plans to lay by the pool and have a favorite sunscreen or sunblock, bring it along.  Not only may you not be able to find it at CVS or Walgreens but the price will be more than at your local store.

· The options are endless when choosing which hotel is best for your Las Vegas getaway and may be overwhelming for you. The best thing you could do is ask a City VIP Concierge VIP Agent as we know these properties inside and out and want nothing more then you to have the experience of a lifetime.
· Simply call or send us an email letting us know the group size, what type of vacation or gateway you a planning  ( if it’s a romantic getaway for two, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a birthday blow out or a whatever the case may be…) what your hoping to accomplish on your Las Vegas vacation, as well as any other preferences or detailed information about you or your group and we will help you choose the right hotel for your stay.

· Over the past decade, Las Vegas pools have become a mecca for both Day and Night life with both pool-lounging as well as partying in the sun that can rival any other nightclubs Sin City has to offer.We strongly recommend taking into account your true objective. Are you trying to relax and catch some rays of sun or party like there is no tomorrow? With Daybed, Cabana and Bungalow options, there’s certainly an environment for every desire.
· We cannot emphasize enough that the dry heat and sun can take a lot out of you, so wherever your place of sun worship is, keep hydrated and be sure to keep your sunscreen on. Nothing can ruin your Vegas Vacation like a bad sunburn or heatstroke.
Let us know the what your ideal day of the sun looks like and City VIP Concierge will match you with a Dayclub that will put you in paradise.

The Las Vegas Nightlife scene can be downright overwhelming. Once in Vegas ,you will probably want to know
·  What’s going on at which club on The Strip?
·  What’s the current hottest club in town and how do we bypass the line?
·  Should we get Table & Bottle Service?
·  How can I get on a guest list?
City VIP Concierge takes all the worry out of your night on the town and provides you with a level of service that can’t be beat.
Let us know the number of people in your group, the male to female ratio, the style of music the group prefers and we’ll get you out an accurate quote, make your entrance seamless and the only thing you’ll need to worry about is partying until the sun comes up.

·  Believe or not there is more to The City of Las Vegas than partying like there is no tomorrow. From Skydiving, Dune Buggies, Exotic Car Rentals and Racing, Shooting Ranges and Helicopter Tours of The Grand Canyon, the options of getting out and about are endless.
·  Take into account the time of year your coming to town, what you have planned the day before leading up to your tour and if  you need to arrange transportation or not.
City VIP Concierge can advise you the ideal tour for your group. Let us know the group size, the general budget per person and if anyone in the group has fear of heights or speed…

Have a question about your planned vacation, the best thing you can do is simply ask. As you can tell, there really is so much to do and so many ways to properly plan for your Las Vegas Vacation and we at City VIP Concierge are here to help you answer any questions you may have. So be direct and let us assist you in making the very best of your next trip to Fabulous Las Vegas!!! We are here to help and you enjoying yourself in our beautiful city is our top priority.