15 Unique Vegas Date Ideas That Are Sure to Impress

You went out to a Vegas club last night and you met this amazing girl – and got her number to boot. So, now what do you do? How do you show her that you’re a fun guy with a great personality? Is this even possible in the City of Sin?

The short answer to this question is, “Yes, you can!” Check out our list of 15 unique Las Vegas date ideas to you sweep her off her feet.

rojoWhen you are in the mood for seduction, every little detail counts, including the lighting. Rojo is an intimate lounge, located at the Palms, that was created to ignite passion. Lead her to a vinyl booth in the corner of the restaurant, order one of their signature cocktails, and get ready for a night of naughty fun.

Red Rock Lanes
red-rock-lanesYou may be wondering how a common pastime like bowling can make it to a unique list of activities (in Vegas, no less) and the answer is a simple one. Red Rock Lanes is one of the nicer bowling alleys in the area, with 72 lanes, a private VIP section, bottle service, a selection of other games to try (like shuffleboard, pool, etc.) and much more. When you consider all of its amenities, it’s easy to see why Red Rock is the place to be for some old-fashioned fun.

Grand Canal Shoppes
After eating your fill in Rojo, or one of the other fine dining establishments in the area, evoke images of Venice with a boat ride through the Grand Canal Shoppes in an authentic gondola. Cuddle together as you float down the waterway between the Palazzo and the Venetian while being serenaded by the gondola operator. Seal the evening with a kiss underneath the light of the moon.

Sahra Spa
sahraIf you would like to have a relaxing date with your sweetie, you are in luck, almost every major hotel on the Strip is equipped with a fancy spa. But, if you want the best, you must try the “Moroccan Journey” treatment offered at the Cosmo. This experience is a combination of a 50-minute massage and an 80 minute Hammam treatment, where both of you will be washed with volcanic black soap, rhassoul clay will be used to detoxify your body, and finally you will soak in a tub with eucalyptus steam. As with many things that sound too good to be true, there’s a catch: you’ll be so relaxed when your spa date is over, you won’t have much energy for any type of strenuous activity.

Minus5 Ice Bar
Need a break from the heat of the Nevada desert? Cool off with a date at the Minus5 Ice Bar, it’s the perfect way to break the ice. When you and your date walk in, you will be given boots, gloves, and parkas that will enable you to withstand the temperatures in an establishment where everything is frozen, including your cocktail glasses, seats, and the walls.

Machine Guns Vegas
machine-gun-lasvegasThere are few things that are sexier than a woman holding a gun. Indulge in this fantasy with a date at Machine Gun Vegas, one of the few shooting ranges that goes above and beyond to accommodate the needs of their female patrons. Try out the “Femme Fatale” package, which was specially developed to help women get rid of their aggression, it may be just the thing to add the right type of heart pumping excitement to your date.

Bootleg Canyon
If the lucky lady seems to be someone who is into outdoor adventures, take her zip lining in Bootleg Canyon. You and your date will get a chance to explore almost two miles of zip lines while taking in bird’s eye views of the desert and the beautiful Lake Mead. And, if she is a fan of animals, it’s pretty common to spot majestic red-tailed hawks, bighorn sheep, and other wildlife in the area. Hands down, this activity is one of the most thrilling ways to enjoy the beauty of the desert landscape, and your date, in the area.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens
Although it’s a romantic cliché, there are few things that set a girl’s heart afire than flowers. Keep this is mind while you stroll through this beautiful indoor garden, located right next to the Bellagio. The floral displays are made with thousands of flowers whose designs are planned months in advance by a team of over 100 people. Plus, when you are leaving, you will be in the perfect place to enjoy one of the iconic water shows of the Bellagio. But, perhaps the best part of it all – this extremely romantic date is completely free of charge.

mizumiSet the mood right away with a trip to Mizumi, where you and your date can dine outside on a floating pagoda surrounded by a waterfall, koi pond, and the restaurant’s private gardens. Remember to help her pick her jaw off the floor as you walk down the outdoor path and head to your own private oasis.

LINQ Promenade
To make sure that your date has fun all night long, it’s best to create as many memorable experiences as you can. This can be easily accomplished with a walk down the promenade. Grab a couple of drinks at Yard House, try out the cupcake ATM, and/or roll a few strikes, all in an hour or two. But, no date to the LINQ is completed with a ride on the High Roller Wheel, where both of you will be in the same compartment for over thirty minutes. It’s the perfect place to grab a kiss and get to know each other better.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving
Love the thought of skydiving but, haven’t quite gotten up the nerve to try out the real thing? Indoor skydiving is the perfect alternative, it gives you the chance to experience the thrill of flying just a few feet off the ground and in a completely safe and secure environment. It’s an excellent activity for men and women who have a desire for adventure but aren’t ready to go all out.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory
ethelDoes she have something of a sweet tooth? Take her on a self-guided tour through the chocolate factory where you can learn how pecan brittle and other sweet snacks are made – you can even try out their delicious free samples. Once your sugar craving has been satiated, head outside for a walk through the Botanical Cactus Garden. This fairy tale garden is best seen during the winter months, when it is decked out in colorful lights that adds a sense of whimsy to the already beautiful space.

Tea Lounge
If you really want to experience something different, forgo the bottle service and try out tea service at the Tea Lounge instead. You and your date will head to the 23rd floor of the Mandarin Oriental, where you will pick from a variety of loose-leaf teas (range from ginseng oolong to green matcha) and indulge in delicious pastries and sandwiches – all while taking in exquisite views of the Las Vegas Strip. Plus, if you want something with a little more kick, they offer tea cocktails and champagne as well.

Adult Considerations
• If you are looking for something with a little more spice, there are several topless shows in Vegas where you and your date can enjoy a night of raunchy fun. In particular, the Luxor has a steamy show that is guaranteed to turn up the temperature.
• You don’t often find that visiting a strip club can be a couples activity, but the Crazy Horse III, with its surprisingly good sushi and intimate seating, does an excellent job. Plus, there’s a rumor going around that states the dancers love when women are in the audience.

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