Las Vegas Casting Calls

This may not be Hollywood, but you wouldn’t know from the sheer amount of talent roaming the casinos. And by talent I mean breathtaking young men and women. A bevy of beautiful people. A throng of ravishing human beings. You get the picture.

There’s a reason for them.

Pool Season Is Imminent
wet-casting-callAs you read this, the bars are being stocked in anticipation of delicious concoctions of alcohol. DJ’s are flexing their fingers, anxiously waiting to spin their new set lists and managers are on the phone booking celebrities left and right.

All is right in the world. And by world I mean Vegas.

The Casting Calls
In the middle of all this hubbub are the people on the front line. The ones whom without the display of decadence that is Vegas would not be possible: The cocktail server. The bartender.
The barback and beverage runner.

But this is Vegas after all. We don’t have just any regular server, barback or beverage runner. No, here we add the epithet of model. What does this mean? It means that for you, the tourist, the visitor, the attendee, you will not only get the best service but also the best view in town.

For them however, it’s a different story…

Opportunity Beckons

encore-beach-club-2Working the day pools is a coveted job in Las Vegas. The hours are great, the money is even better and you get to be in the presence of some of the hottest acts and celebrities in the world.
Trust me, there’s a reason people fly in from around the globe to apply for them.

Pssh. That reason has six figures in it.

The Job Interview
encore-beach-clubForget business attire. That list of interview questions you’ve prepped with? Trash it.

For those looking to snag a Vegas pool season job, the less you wear, the better. Don your most revealing bikini and swimsuit and come glowing with a perfect tan (spray on if need be.) Be prepared to face thousands of men and women. Endure hours in line whilst stealing glances at the competition, hoping that you look is the one that stands out. When you come before the almighty hiring panel, it’s time to strike that pose you’ve been working on before the mirror.

It almost makes you grateful for your day job behind the computer.


Feel the Heat
The poolside experience you remember as a kid is long gone. After all, you didn’t have shaded cabanas with private bottle service. There were no scantily clad specimens tending to your every whim and looking to make your experience the best of your life.

This is Las Vegas. We create our own rules. A fantasy world, one where sexuality and glamour and service are inextricably linked.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tips of the Trade
wet-republic-1You read the article. You’re determined to come. I’m not going to stop you. In fact, I’m going to help you. I interviewed some of my close friends and this is what they had to say:

Get there early. The audition process will last hours. Hours. HOURS.
Bring a headshot and a resume. A professional one, not the one your mom took.
Plan to audition for more than one pool.
Bring snacks and water. Unless you’re going for the waif thin model look.
Full hair and makeup is not only recommended but practically mandatory.
There will be a drug test later. So get clean now. But that doesn’t apply to you I’m sure.

Need anything else while you’re here? Give us a call. We’ll get you sorted out.

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