How to Get Married in Vegas

You know the saying. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… Except for your wedding. That shit is supposed to be forever.


Get Wed
She’s pregnant. He’s rich. You’re both drunk. All good reasons to get married. Whatever the motive may be, it’s a nice day for a white wedding. (See what I did there? Billy Idol.You know he has a show in Vegas now? Need tickets? We can help.)

Anyway… The city of sin. Where you can get married on the fly – literally – or plan it in advance. From a drive thru wedding to a venue that you will never finish paying off, this is the place to get married at.

So, instead of dissuading you, I’m going to show you how to get hitched, Vegas style!

Elvis, start your crooning.

Legal Matters
marriage-license-bureauIt’s not like in the movies. A valid wedding in Las Vegas requires a Clark County marriage license. They can be obtained at the Clark County Regional Justice Center between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. midnight daily. A fee of $60 (subject to change) in cash or traveler’s check is required.

Plan ahead.

Siren Song
treasure-islandArrgh. Try saying that instead of I do…

Forget walking down the aisle, walk down the plank! The Treasure Island Hotel & Casino is home to an authentic pirate ship. Enjoy a magnificent themed wedding aboard the majestic ship within Sirens Cove. The package includes the wedding ceremony on the Song Ship in Sirens’ Cove, personalized wedding music, floral décor, site tour and 50% off show tickets to Mystère by Cirque du Soleil.

Shiver me timbers!

The Night Flight
maverick-helicoptersGet hitched in your very own chapel in the sky! Picture this, a limousine will pick you up and escort you to a helicopter terminal. There, clink the champagne flutes before lift off. Start your wedding off right high above the glorious lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

The honeymoon antics can wait once you’ve touched down.

Don’t Rock the Boat
gondola-weddingCan’t afford a flight to Venice? The Venetian Hotel and Casino will do it for you. It offers a ceremony aboard the gondolas that course through the Grand Canal Shoppes. An ornately decorated gondola will be your destination as it glides along the Grand Canal. This is perfect for the couple that wants an intimate ceremony. Your guests will have to walk along the canal or stand on one of the bridges as you pass below towards your doom, er, I mean bliss.

I meant bliss.

Grand Slam Wedding
You know what goes really well with a wedding? Pancakes. At Denny’s flagship store in Las Vegas, you can now finally combine the two. The 6,400-square foot site boasts its very own non denominational wedding chapel.

Don’t forget to order a side of “I do.”

The Great Outdoors
Get away from the garish lights and head for the soothing scenes of Nature. A private helicopter will take you over the stunning sandscapes of the Mojave Desert, following the winding path of the Colorado River and into the Grand Canyon. Your wedding backdrop will be one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Suck it, everybody on Facebook.

Love Me Tender
gracelandYes, that’s an Elvis song. If you still don’t know who that is, please get yourself a musical education. Rant over.

The Graceland Chapel is a Las Vegas staple. It’s been here for over 50 years and seen the likes of Jon Bon Jovi, Billy Ray Cyrus, Aaron Neville and other band members tie the knot. It’s even been the site of great films like “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and not so great films like “When Fools Rush In.”

If the father of the bride wasn’t invited, you can have Elvis himself escort her down the aisle. Then, a young Elvis in his gold lamé and a 70’s Las Vegas jumpsuit Elvis in flashy sequins will make an appearance. And yes, they’ll sing.

Viva Las Vegas!

Matrimony in Motion
wedding-wagonCall up the guys at Las Vegas Wedding Wagon. They’ll dispatch a Ford Transit Connect van with two ordained ministers inside to officiate your wedding. Choose your location for the big day to get hitched and within 5 working days after your ceremony, you’ll receive a link via email to your customized, password-protected, shareable online photo gallery.

Happily ever after, wherever you may be.

Vintage Neon
Amidst empty sockets and rusted metal life remains. Neon signs that once lit the sky are now grounded. The Neon Museum is a Las Vegas historical institution dedicated to the preservation and celebration of some of the city’s most distinctive architectural landmarks.

Gaudy and ostentatious and oh so very Vegas.

Shotgun Wedding
the-gun-storeYes. This is a thing. The Gun Store in Las Vegas has its very own wedding chapel. So, celebrate your special day and then fire off some rounds of exotic weaponry. There’s even a Mr. & Mrs. Smith & Wesson package.

Just don’t invite your crazy ex…

Marital Bliss
wedding-chappelMarriage is forever. Unless you get a divorce. But you don’t need to come to Vegas to do that. Unless you’re just looking for an excuse to come back. In fact, get divorced and then get married again! You already screwed up the first time.

Now if only you knew somebody that could, ahem, help you get those reservations made. See what I did there? Yes. Us. City VIP Concierge.

Just send us an email.

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