City VIP Guide – How to Talk to Strippers in Las Vegas

You’re at the strip club. Suddenly, you’re beset by the most flamboyant and extravagant of creatures: the exotic dancer. What do you say? What do you talk about? Well, we did the work for you and approached both avid customers and ardent dancers. We asked them what to talk about – and what to avoid. Read on!

“Mostly I just tell jokes”
The name’s David and I do just that. I also like to ask about how their nights are going. I usually aim to have a good time and hope for some funny conversation along the way. Just keep it light and funny. I ask about their craziest experiences and usually get more than what I bargained for. That’ll normally open them up because if anyone has crazy stories, it’s strippers. Remember they aren’t actually into you – it’s their job to make you feel good and you’ll walk away with a fun night and good stories.

“Let your money do the talking.”
Hey guys, Chastity here. (No, that’s not my real name. And no, I won’t give you the real one.) Now remember that for most dancers, this is just a job. A well paying and sometimes fun one, but still a job. So, let your money do the talking for you. And please make sure you have money! We’ve all heard the bullshit pick up lines where you’re not really here for a dance or just having a beer. Go try that somewhere else.

As someone who’s danced professionally for years, it doesn’t matter what you blather. As long as there is money in your wallet – or purse – that’s all that matters. I make sure everybody has an amazing time, but like any other form of sales, you close or you move onto the next customer. I’m not mean about it, but it’s just a job.

“Don’t tell me I’m beautiful.”
You save that shit for your future wife. You tell me I’m fucking hot and go with it.

“Don’t be a creep”
Nick here. Don’t be the creepy weird guy who doesn’t say anything. Don’t be the creepy guy who gets really handsy. Always let them be in control; I’ve always found that if you let her control everything in turns of hand placement, you get to play with the fun bits much more often…

“Whine about work.”
Or complain about your family. Talk to me about how you were raised. Tell me about the girl you like at the office and how to approach her. I guess it can be like cheap therapy sometimes!

“Ask for cool places to check out.”
I travel a lot for work. And so when I pop into a strip club I like to ask for cool places to check out. Strippers are usually up to par with their local hot spot knowledge.

“Compliment the shit out of her!”
Are you serious? Have you seen what some of them can do?! Especially if they’re the ones that do some crazy stunts. You know how hard that is? They are insanely fit and should be recognized for it. I mean, some of them might be just in it for the money, some compete with other dancers, but some really enjoy the reaction they get from guys. So make sure she knows it!

“The state of the economy”
But then again I like educated lap dances.

”So, how about a dance?”
And then I like to shut up and enjoy the naked body. I mean, strip clubs are usually too loud to hear anything. Also, I’m kinda drunk so there’s not much I’ll remember after.

What Do You Talk About?
You’ve heard what some of our sources have said. Tell us how you approach talking to a stripper!

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