Desserts in the Desert

Las Vegas is infamous for its nightlife, famed for its spas and boutiques, and renowned for its live music acts. But did you know it’s also a premiere destination to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Stop what you’re doing and read on to know more about some of the best sweets the city of sin has to offer!

Jean Philippe Patisserie @ The Bellagio
Jean-Philippe-PatisserieThis European style pastry shop is a sublime example of dessert decadence. For starters,it’s home to the world’s largest chocolate fountain, ready to transport your imagination and senses into the world of French desserts! It serves up the classic four C’s: crepes, cakes, cookies and cakes. You may find yourself so overwhelmed by the sights you may not know what to pick; the pastries themselves could be considered miniature works of art! But for the best experience, we recommend you build your own dessert crepe.

Serendipity 3 @ Caesar’s Palace
Serendipity-3If a French carnival got engaged to the Willy Wonka Factory and had a child, this would be it. Here, you will find American fare on a whimsical scale: French toast that runs the length of the platter, sundaes with entire slices of cake on the top and the famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate drink that boasts of 20 different kinds of chocolate. And if the visual oomph of Serendipity 3 is hard to forget, you definitely won’t forget the Golden Opulence Sundae. This is a Guinness World Record dessert; and for a reason. It’s made with chocolate truffles and candies from Paris, sugar flowers with with edible gold enamel, Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream and topped off with gold dust flakes! And at only $1,000, it’s a truly decadent dessert.

Holsteins Shakes and Buns
holsteinsIf you thought you couldn’t find enough things on the strip with alcohol in them, well, here are some more! Location inside in the trendy Cosmopolitan hotel, the bamboozled line of milkshakes blur the line between your sweet memories and that time you came of legal drinking age. They’ve got some crazy flavors that actually work together to make you forget there’s actually alcohol in there. Some examples: the Grasshopper milkshake, a perfect blend of creamy mint and sweet chocolate bits perfectly ground or The Drunken Monkey, which boasts Reese’s, bananas, malt and Frangelico. Oh, and they also make pretty good hamburgers.

Sprinkles @ the Linq
sprinklesWelcome to the OG of gourmet cupcakes! In city overflowing with jackpots and card tables, this is a sanctuary for sinfully sweet treats. In fact, bring your leftover chips to Sprinkles and strike it rich with a dark chocolate cupcake, cream cheese filled red velvet, or even some maple bacon The offering doesn’t just stop at flavors either: they’ve got regular-sized cupcakes, mini cupcakes, sugar-free cupcakes, and even vegan/gluten-free cupcakes. And if you’re a night owl or just set up upon by a midnight sweet tooth craving, there is a 24-hour cupcake ATM. Yes, you heard that right.

Sweets Raku
sweets-rakuThis is a hidden gem away from the Strip and all its madness. The tiny dessert bar sits approximately 30 people with a beautiful elegant kitchen that makes you feel like you’re being served by your own private chef. Everything on the menu is part delicious dessert and part performance art – starting with the edible menus! The desserts themselves are intricate with a mind boggling attention to detail and service. We recommend you get a seat at the counter, as you will be able to watch the pastry chefs prepare your selection.

Just Desserts
While you’re in Las Vegas, you’re probably set on reveling in everything this city is infamous for.

Just don’t forget indulge your sweet side!

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