Las Vegas Liaisons (Or Your Guide to Hook Ups and Trysts in Las Vegas)

The City of Sin
A moniker we can all understand.

But what’s in a name you may ask? Simply imagine liquor fueled nights that lead into revelry and debauchery. A place where the lavish and extravagant is the norm. I’m talking about six figure bar tabs. Threesomes. Foursomes.

Yes. I’ve seen it all. And no, I’m not one bit jaded.

Who am I?
Consider me your modern Marquise de Merteuil. And if you don’t get that decadent reference, you probably slept through your high school literature class.


Alas, it’s probably too late now so let’s get your hookup training underway.

The Gist
Las Vegas is home to a bevy of beautiful people. And by coming here, it is your chance to leave your mark amidst the hallowed halls of hedonism. Everyone here is looking to hook up. Everyone is hoping to make it a memorable night. One that will be talked about for decades to come.

Will you?

The Venues
There are four venues I would highly recommend for you to begin your hook up adventure. The bar, the nightclub, the day pool and the strip club. Each one requires its own type of approach. Each one has its own pros and cons.

But don’t worry, I’ll discuss each one of them at length.

The Day Club
lasvegas-image3As the name implies, this is where the party starts early. However, be aware that the pools are seasonal, opening in the summer and closing towards mid October. If you’re here during that time, then it’s prime hunting season.
Hooking up at the day club is like shooting fish in a barrel. You’re surrounded by people looking to have a good time. The liquor flows freely and there’s ample opportunity to talk to fellow pool goers. With the right weather and mix of cocktails, it’s the perfect hook up storm.

But the biggest attraction of the day club? You won’t have to guess what your desired date looks like beneath their clothes: everybody here is already down to their skimpiest. Just don’t let that distract you too much!

Pros: Naked. Skin. Everywhere. Also, the noise level should be noticeably less than the other venues.
Cons: If you feel your body isn’t quite up to bar, you may get a bit self conscious. If that’s something that may undermine your confidence, I suggest hitting up the other venues.

The Bar
lasvegas-image2This is the ideal venue if you’re looking for something that’s more formal than the day club but less so than the nightclub. It’s the perfect venue to hang out, talk and get to know your potential hookup. Who knows, this may even lead to more than a one night stand…

There is one secret to picking up at a bar: compliments will get you everywhere. Approach your objective and throw them a flattering remark.. Follow it up with an offer to buy them a drink. Then, engage them in lively conversation.

Now, if you’re boring as fuck I can’t really help you. However, everybody’s got at least one exciting event in their past. Bring that up quickly. Ask questions; don’t rattle on about yourself endlessly. Definitely be interested in what she has to say.

Pros: You can get away with a more casual dress. Avoid the long lines that going to a club implies. You’re also not in the direct sunlight of the day club.
Cons: Cost. You should be prepared to buy your potential hook up a couple of drinks. They may also be here just to pre-game for the nightclub, leaving you high and dry if you don’t follow them.

The Night Club
lasvegas-imageA world of seductive rhythms and gyrating bodies. It can be fantastic for the right approach. However, the music here is too loud to initiate conversation. So my recommendation is eye contact. If you garner a smile, follow it up with some casual words and and get them out to the dance floor pronto.

Some people may think you need mad dance skills. You don’t. A few simple moves will go a long way. The dance floor is usually too crowded for you to pull off any fancy breakdancing anyways. And if that’s your thing, then you’re at the wrong place. You’re here to hook up, not wow everybody with your flairs and freezes.

One of the unique feature of nightclubs is bottle service. If you have the budget, then this is something to be taken advantage of. Popping a bottle in the club is a great way to garner attention. All eyes will gravitate towards you. Also, with the bottles come tables, and the majority of ladies wear heels. If you happen to have a table at the nightclub, you can invite a potential prospect back to your table, along with any other female friends she may have.

You have to dress to impress. But if you’re conversation game is weak and your dress game is strong, the nightclub is the place for you.

Pros: Your conversation skills can be replaced by a suave style, the flow of liquor and the suggestive lyrics on the dance floor.
Cons: Bottle service requires big bucks. The nightclubs in Vegas have a strict dress code. The dance floors tend to get packed and the volume level can prevent quality conversation.

lasvegas-image-stripperThe Strip Club
There’s a reason this venue is on the list. And no, it’s not because of the strippers. I have two words for you: bachelorette parties. You see, they flock to strip clubs looking for a unique experience. And it’s your responsibility to provide them with one. Ply them with drinks and lap dances and you’ll have a jealous bridesmaid eating out of your hand in no time.

Pros: A host of ladies looking to get wild. Also, beautiful woman on stage dancing.
Cons: Falling in love with a stripper.

The Bottom Line
Las Vegas was founded on satisfying desires. The city itself pulses with lust and attraction. She’s a tempting mistress, and one that will fill your nights and days with debaucherous delight.

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